The Ravenguard

The Raven Guard:

The Raven-Guard are a group sworn to protect the royal family. The Raven-Guard is made up of Knights, Wizards, Assassins and Warriors. Some patrol the streets in distinctive Black Armor looking for transgressions, while others do their work late at night with a quite knife in the back. They are universally feared by citizens.

Historically the Raven Guard were the elite and gifted fighting force that looked out for the king while he was on the battlefield. This role evolved after the founding of Shea and in the present day the raven guard look out for the Royal Families interests whether they be personal or political.

Being a member of the group is good because you get to boss around the shields whenever you want, and you have an automatic ’King’s Pardon’ for whatever you do… you don’t even have to ask. In exchange for this near godlike power to push people around, members of the raven guard are expected to look out for the royal families interest at all times.

Many petty nobles mistakenly thing that the ability to float above the law would be the perfect job. Unfortunately as many find out that whole “look out for the royal families interest” clause is less of a suggestion and more of a mandate. And they will kill you if you don’t follow it. The Raven Guard don’t have a retirement package, once your given the job it’s yours for life.

The Ravenguard take their position seriously, while they’re not required to report on a specific basis but they are the intelligence service for the crown, therefor they are expected to feed useful information back to their superiors. They are free to bribe, coerce, beat, bludgeon or even kill anybody they need to to see to it that the royal family stays firmly in power. And so far, it has.

Notable Members:

  • Keegan Dorn

The Ravenguard

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