The Knights of the Golden Rose

The Knights of the Golden Rose:

The Knights of the Golden Rose area monastic body of knights and priests who live far from Shea (but support Kharns monarchy politically) and seek to create a more peaceful and organized society. The knighthood is organized along religious and military lines.

The knights of the golden rose embody the best aspects of humanity. Their pure of heart strong of limb and heavily armored. Likely candidates join the brotherhood at the age of 12, are trained to put aside their past life and fight for the good of humanity as a whole. The crest of Shea is embossed on their gilded breastplates, and every one of them can quote the full history of their order, the city, and it’s guiding principals. Interestingly the Fortress Monastery of the Knights of the Golden Rose is located across a mountain range to insure that the petty truth of the current history cannot interfere with those same values.

The Golden Rose are a political power unto themselves, and while they officially support the Monarchy without reservation, they were the most recent culprits of an attempted military coup… something the palace will not forget lightly.

The Knights of the Golden Rose

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