The Dwarven Quarter

Merchant’s Row is less firmly defined then most of the districts in the city, there are no gates that denote where The Dwarven Quarter officially begins or ends.

The district’s origins date to the initial years following the founding of the city. A treaty was signed allowing Dwarves to trade there wares inside the city, but when the first trade caravan entered the city it caused massive congestion as people swarmed to see what was being offered to trade.

The resulting grid-lock outraged one of Kharn’s lieutenants who wished to pass through. In her rage she destroyed several buildings to clear herself a path. In the short term this cleared away the crowd, in the long term the Dwarves graciously agreed to purchase the damaged property taking full responsibility for the incident.

Today that area has an unusually wide road which can support a trade caravan, an open air market, and several Dwarven shops lining either side of the market.

The Dwarves have a reputation for being shrewd but generous business men. The Dwarves operate the only private bank in Shea, and the district hosts a open air flea market for anyone wishing to sell anything.

The Dwarven Quarter

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