A race of demon-men found by the Dark Elves as they plundered the lower realms for sources of power. Though their appearance is fearsome and they are as cunning as any Dark Elf, the Tieflings are actually more human then demon. The complete story of the Tiefling race is still a great mystery to the Dark Elves and is a topic of much debate and research. However, the Dark Elves interest in Tiefling history is purely academic. As soon as the race was found it was enslaved to replace the servant positions formerly held by the Gensai before the Dark Elves were expelled from the Elven Isles.

The humans who know little of the Dark Elves, know even less about the Tieflings. There are some rumors among Shea’s noble houses that the Dark Elves have enslaved a race of demons. However, no proof of this has even been brought to light.

The Tieflings live in a plane between the mortal plane and the lower planes. A space which co-exists with both plane’s simultaneously. Co-existing with the lower realms means that dreams and nightmares manifest themselves, and the Tieflings are passionate creatures, who have learned to become the creatures of hopes, dreams and desire, as well as terrifying monsters and perform acts best left to nightmares.

On the whole this has meant that being dragged into Shea, bound and shackled to the whim’s of the dark elves hasn’t been all that devastating to the Teiflings.


Shea Dryst