The Layer Cake

The Layer Cake is a phrase that sages use to explain the relationship between the various planes of existence. It is well known that there are Several different planes of existence each with a unique magical resonance.

The known planes are:

  • The Celestial Planes > Radiant
  • The Elemental Planes > Fire, Cold, Lighting, Thunder
  • The Fey Wyld > Psychic
  • The Shadow lands > Necrotic
  • The Lower Planes > Force

Magic is the process of pulling energy into the physical world from one of the other planes of existence.

The Layer Cake analogy is used to describe why some of the planes are more accessible then others, The idea being that if you want to reach to a layer of the cake that is lower then the top, then you’ll be reaching through the top layer to reach the layer that is lower down.

There is conflicting research on which plane is closest to physical reality, and each scholar has a pet theory about why that is.

To further confuse the issue the relationship between the planes is not fixed, the arrangement between the planes fluctuate, and is affected by location, time, and the use of magic.

Additionally the presence of half breeds or plane touched races points to the fact that it is possible for planes to overlap and co-mingle for extended periods of time.

The Layer Cake

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