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Shea is a Fantasy Setting which attempts to give a believable social and political structure to the D&D 4e Game System.

The setting derives its name from the Capitol City of the Human Empire: The City of Shea

We’ve developed a timeline of events for the setting which break into 5 time periods:
PrehistoryAncient HistoryRise of HumanityPresentFuture

The setting provides a unique culture and philosophy for each race. This is an attempt to break from traditional fantasy racial stereotypes and inspire players to think more about the psychology of their characters and the world as a whole. Cultural division, not interaction, is the norm in Shea. The setting is designed to inspire ethnocentric games
(Generally the entire party will be from the same race) and the interplay between the races, as well as the factions within each race is a strongly featured theme in the setting.

It’s worth noting that not all of the races present in the D&D 4e setting have been integrated into Shea. We’ve included almost all of the races from PHB1 and cherry picked races from the later expansions. The most conspicious ommision would be Elves & Half-Elves. Due to the cultural divisions between species and the fact that the Elves in our setting are Eladrin (fae creatures) instead of Elf (mortal) they are not biologically compatible with humans, therefore there are no half elves.

Metaphysics / Theology:
Sages and need something to debate about. In Shea these discussions fall into two categories.
Planes of Reality i.e. The Layer Cake
and everyone’s favorite:Religion and Belief

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