After being ignored for most of history mankind finds itself in the curious position of being the dominant species on the Shea peninsula. While power hungry and pompous the Human Nobles are not stupid. The current human empire is built squarely upon a foundation of Dwarven stone, and fueled by knowledge that was hungrily devoured from Elven libraries.

Shea is the nexus of human power all of the various factions of humanity hinge on their relationship to the capitol city.

Among these are two main groups and two minor groups.

Major Groups:

Minor Groups:

Finally, there are a few remaining human Barbarian Tribes that travel the plains and mountains.

Humans from Shea can choose from Martial and Arcane classes (Although Sword Mages are very rare).
Humans committed to the Knights of the Golden Rose choose from the Divine classes only.
Tribal Humans choose from Primal Classes, with the addition of the Warlock and Sorceror arcane classes.


Shea Vaynard