Halflings are a nomadic people who have trickled in from the deserts of the south to integrate themselves into the society of Shea over the course of the last 70 years.

Halflings were the favored message runners of Kharn, who would have them relay battlefield orders to his generals. Once Shea was established as a capitol city Halfling runners continued to serve as courtiers and message carriers for the council of Shea. To insure that halflings would not have to entertain bidding wars against each other a loose organization was formed called simply “The Guild”

Shortly after its conception the guild was contracted by the council of Shea to spread word of the council’s mandates to the masses. This gives members some measure of protection (because interfering with someone doing a job for the government is unhealthy) and also has made Halfling couriers the informal media. They now collect news of current events and spread it without being asked, while delivering their other less public sealed messages.

It is worth noting that the while the public flock to hear the news that comes along with a halfling courier riding into town… people do not entirely trust the little messengers outside of their given role. Most halflings overcome these doubts with shear force of personality, but regardless of how charming a messenger may be while present by nature of his position he will soon leave, and as soon as he does a number of wrongdoings will be pinned on him, for the simple lack of ability to defend himself against accused actions.

Many a halfling has returned to a village where he received a hero’s send-off only to face harsh accusation of wrongdoings on his last visit. Knowing that appearing too cautious upon arrival is close kin to admitting guild, halflings have learned to defend themselves with a quick wit… and are always prepared to leave quickly if the need should arise.

The normal amount of xenophobia is augmented with the fact that halflings come from a very different culture then the Humans. The oldest halflings still wear traveling silks and straw riding cloaks. Their deeply tanned complexions and high ponytail’s set them apart from the human norm as much as their small size. Some younger halflings discard their traditional clothing in favor of something that set’s them apart less, unfortunately dressing as human children costs you most of the respect of your office, so most couriers maintain their traditional clothing… at least while “on duty”

Riding Drakes:

The halfling mounts are riding lizards the size of a large dog. The lizards bond with their rider allowing the halflings to give most riding commands with no outwardly visible sign. While simple creatures the drakes are not stupid, more complex commands then stop and go are given in draconic. On rare occasions the mounts will respond in kind.


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