A group of elemental beings that have been taken from their own plane of existence to serve as slaves and servants for the Elves.

These beings were taken from an strange plane where the physical and elemental world overlap. They are humanoid in appearance but retain the elemental marking of the kingdom they were taken from. In times of crisis these beings can embrace their elemental heritage and evoke impressive powers.

The Gensai are legal bound to the Elven Isles and are only allowed to be taken abroad in dire circumstances. As a result, few outside of the the Elves are even aware of their existence.

While they are technically enslaved the Gensai are more firmly bound by the fact that they are outside of their home plane of existence, then any physical binding. While on the Isles the Gensai form the lowest tier of the Elvin Caste System, and while they are not afforded the same rights as even the lowest tiered Elf, they are generally not mistreated as long as they conform to the duties of their caste.

While an angry Elven Noble will occasionally kill a Gensai who displeases him, it is uncommon for Gensai to be kept in the physical plane until they die. Once they become too old to meet the demands of their caste it is common to banish the Gensai back to their home dimension, additionally being granted passage home is a common reward for good service.

Gensai Player Characters:
During the Future campaign setting the Gensai are allowed to travel outside of the Elven Isles but only when acting as yojimbo for a member of the family that they are bound to serve. During this time period Gensai character may be found outside of the Isles, While assigned to protect an Elven Noble. During other time periods Gensai player characters would only make sense in a game that was contained to the Elven Isles


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