Elven Fire Caste

Racial benefit: 2 str (2 dex or +2 chr)
Skill training in one of the following: Athletics, Dungeoneering, Endurance, History, Intimidate

The bonus skill that is chosen reflects the family specialty of the Character

The Fire caste are the Warrior’s of the Eladrin.  They are the Samari, honor bound warriors who unwavering serve their lord.

The Fire caste hold Military Rank proportionate to their responsibilities. These responsibilities increase with age, but are also awarded based on their past accomplishments.


Believe that the answers to all problems can be found by carefully studying what has happened before, and using that knowledge to employ tried and true solutions.

Believe that Traditions must be adapted to incorporate new information as it becomes available. Typically by adapting the equipment & Tactics of other cultures into their own.

Political Factions:

While all Fire Caste members are taught to serve in a variety of roles there is a core outlook that often shapes how they perform those duties.

Conservative’s hold deep concern for the dwindling number of Elves in what they see as a world which holds an ever increasing number of other races. Conservatives are cautious, and seek to limit Elven interaction with other cultures which they feel are dangerous to both the lives and culture of the Elves. Conservatives protect Elven lives at all costs.

Activists see the raise of humanity (and the increased activity of the Dwarves) as a threat to Elven life, and seek a more active role in the changing world. Activists work to return the Elven to the dominance they enjoyed prior to the Eldar war, and expand their holdings outside of the limits of the Elven Isles.

Elven Fire Caste

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