Elven Air Caste

Air Caste

Racial benefit: +2 chr +2int
Skill training in one of the following: diplomacy, perception, religion, arcane, nature, history, intimidate or insight

The bonus skill that is chosen reflects the family specialty of the Character

The air caste are the political elite of the Eladrin.  They are arostrocat priests who interpret the will of the kami.

Most air caste are arcane casters, and are deferred to as nobility by the other Eladrin. Unless another caste member is instructed to act as a proxy for them, the air caste will always be the party leader, and will be expected to negotiate and represent the party when members of other races.

The cultural tradition that expects Air Caste members to lead does not extend to to commerce or military decisions, Fire or Water caste members may over-rule an Air Caste’s authority while dealing with a situation that is within the domain of responsibility that is related to their caste.

Two common examples of this would be: Sailing, where the ship may have been dispatched to provide transportation to an Ambassador who is traveling to wherever he see’s fit… but how and when the ship does what will be controlled by the captain (will always be water caste) Or a fire caste bodyguard ordering the air caste to stop whatever he is doing and take orders from him at any point that he feels the air caste is in physical danger.


Air Caste members are all practitioners of Shen-Tao, and are charged with interpreting the will of the Kami. Among the Air Caste there are factions who disagree about how to best accomplish this goal.

Generalists believe they should broadly interpret for ALL Kami, doing their best to be an unbiased interpreter for their various voices.

Specialists believe that each air caste member should represent a specific Kami, acting as their ambassadors in the mortal world.

Political Factions:

Within these are two philosophies that influence their behavior:

Feel that the will of the Kami can only truly be carried out when interpreted through the lens of mortal minds. This means that they take the words of the Kami as Metaphor and seek to understand the greater truth that the Kami’s words were intended to convey. They do their best to mold the world into something that conforms to those greater truths.

Believe it is their duty to carry out the will of the Kami as directly as possible, without needing to understand exactly why any action is requested. Air Caste members from this sect consider them mortal extensions of the divine will of the Kami and often do not feel personal responsibility for their actions. Some develop a close enough bond with the Kami that they intrinsically know the will of the Kami, while others are cautious and consult often to ensure they are always working in accordance with the Kami’s grand schemes.

Elven Air Caste

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