The Elves have an oriental theme (they wear kimono, use Japanese and Chinese weapons, ect.) and deeply connected to nature and the elements. Their cities are located on a group of islands a days sail to the East of Shea. Elven society is divided up into the Elemental Castes. These are:

The entire house of Earth was banished after the Elder Wars for delving into the divine arts of Undeath. The former Elves of the House of Earth became the Dark Elves.

Elven society is strictly hierarchical and clannish. In all situations each Elf is clearly aware of his position relative to any other Elves around him and that hierarchy is based on age, social status, profession, and political alliance. Additionally, friendship is allowed outside of ones elemental house but marriage outside of ones own house is illegal. As is marriage to a non-Elf.

The Elves are excellent sailors and the Treaty of Shea prohibits any vessels other then Elven vessels from traveling ocean waters. The Elves surrendered all of their colonies on the continent after the Elder Wars and retreated to the Elven Isles but remain the single naval power.

Racial Benefit Modification:
Elves in the Shea setting gain proficiency with the Katana Superior Weapon instead of the longsword. (Rather then play tug-of-war with the character builder players are instructed to equip longswords as normal… and swap out the damage die for a D10 rather then a D8

Elves in this setting are based off the Eladrin.
Elves can choose from Arcane and Martial classes.

Elves are fae creatures and are not strictly mortal in the traditional sense. While they are born into this world, they arrive with a sense of having come from the spirit world, and retain the connection throughout their lives. As elves age they begin to feel the lure of the feywild pulling them back, and most choose to depart by the age of 200.

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