The Dragonborn:

Heirs to a long dead kingdom the Dragonborn wait patiently. Living luxuriously in an underwater metropolis the Dragonborn represent the top social class in their society. Their society is devoted to the Great Dragon Gods and all are expected to wait patiently for their return to the Continent to rebuild the great empire. The Dragonborn are the nobility of their society, and are served by the soldier class (the Lizard men) and peasantry (Kolbolds).

In the Shea Setting Dragonborn society is based on ancient Egyptian culture. This includes towering monuments, the strict caste system, and elaborate artwork.

Racial Modification:
Dragonborn in Shea Recieve a racial bonus of +2 to str, and an option between +2 Con and +2 Wis This is a modification from the PHB1 Values of +2 Chr with an Option of +2 Str or Con.

Dragonborn characters choose from the Primal and Martial classes.


Shea Dryst