To Live in Fear Pt:2.1

Metagame Information:

We started the session an hour late and 2 players short. Additionally we were operating under a strict kerfew of 8:00 pm.(mst) which left only 2 hours for play time.


The session began where the last one left off, with the players drenched in blood and covered in sand from the arena floor. After receiving a quick scrub down and some quick and dirty medical aid, the players were thrown into the arena cells to rest and eat before being escorted to the slave quarter.

The Slave Quarter is a cross between a refugee camp and the warsaw ghetto… as blood traitors (slaves who have killed in the arena) the party is escorted to the training grounds where they meet Hiro, who is training his squad of slaves to fight in his name.

Hiro is only allowed to host 6 slaves, which means that he will be killing 2 each week. until he’s reached his allotted ammont (he’s starting with 12)

The party volinteered to be the first group to be thrown into the pit… where they fought a Bone Construct. Destroying the beastie in a short 3 round combat.



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