To Live in Fear: Pt 1

Metagame Information

We ran the first session with a party full of teiflings. The 4 hour session both covered the background material on the teifling race, and served a a practical demo of the D&D 4e game system.

The Party consists of 4 players (3 of whom were present for this session)
The corresponding Players and Characters are:

  • Paladin Playing Damakos – the Paladin
  • Hermit Playing Trenilka – the Assassin
  • Dragon10 Playing Morak – The Warlock
  • ArtDude Playing Theren – The Rogue (absent)

For those who like to philosophize about party structure you’ll notice that there are 3 strikers, no controller or leader. This is going to lead to fights being over quickly… one way or another.

I didn’t include any pre-recorded voice monologs, but otherwise this was a fairly well prepped session with custom tokens for every monster type, as well as character tokens with attached pdf character sheets, notes on character abilities, and talents.

This should cover the majority of the work load from my perspective, so in future sessions I should be able to limit my photoshopping to a few map tweaks and tokens for that sessions encounters.


  • The Party arrived in Hael, the capitol of the Dark Elf territory accompanied with a column of flame, the stench of brimstone, and each of the characters names painted in blood on the rock of the summoning circle.
  • The party was immediately set upon by a group of less then friendly Dark Elves, wearing their traditional oriental attire. 2 combat rounds and a few critical hits later the party settled in for a nice rest on the stones of the summoning circle.
  • They awoke an undisclosed amount of time later to find that they had been stripped naked and embedded with a link of admantite chain. The chain was securely fastened through a link in their vertebrae (just below the base of their tails)
  • The party offered to barter their services in exchange for their freedom, and were washed, reunited with their possessions, and thrust onto the arena floor.
  • The Party bravely slaughtered a group of their fellow teiflings, and was valiantly awarded with the privilege of serving as expendable militia for their captors.



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