Welcome to Shea.

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In many ways Shea is an attempt to recapture the feeling of immersion that is so easy to achieve in youth.

At ten years old it’s easy to step into a world of Orc’s and Goblins and riddle them with arrows, taking their treasure confidant in the fact that that’s what your supposed to do because your an elf… and elves are good guys, and as a good guy your supposed to kill the bad guys… and Orc’s are definitely bad guys… because their ugly, and mean.

As you get older the world gets more complicated, you can’t help but draw parallels between the aforementioned Elf and colonial powers who prey on tribal societies… Good and Bad aren’t so clear cut, and a setting that pretends they are, becomes less believable. This is one of the reasons the feeling of immersion that was so easy to achieve in youth becomes more difficult to obtain as you mature.

Rather then admitting defeat and giving up on fantasy as a genre, we’ve invented Shea. Shea attempts to re-capture that feeling of immersion by having the setting grow up to the point where it becomes believable again.

Shea is a setting where the good guys aren’t so good, the bad guys aren’t so bad, the world is a rough place, and if your sure that your doing “the right thing” it just means that you’ve swallowed a hook and your being played.


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